Wow, Chill 2017

What I’m Wearing: French Connection Zip Up, Vince Track Pants (similar)  

I was up last night at two in the morning thinking about how its April 2nd and 2017 is almost half way through. I’m not one to really worry about time and I find it to be really just a manmade scale to determine age and where we should be but I don’t know it seems like the days have flown by.

So many good things, so many not so good things but overall I’m pretty excited for the new year. Also this doesn’t have anything to do with my outfit, this is a personal blog after all.

But I opted for wearing all the sports luxe stripes out, got this zip up that I’m mildly so into and been wearing on repeat lately, I don’t know why but something this simple gives such a statement, I paired it with a pair of track pants cause if track pants are in and are comfortable I’m all about it. Just so you know I did nothing sporty in my sporty look today. Talk soon!