Why You Should Stripe

stripped-shirt-style how-to-be-minimal-chic stripped-boat-neck-shirt finding-art-in-the-city how-to-wear-cropped-pantsCOS Shirt // COS Pants // Steve Madden Shoes // Linda Farrow Sunglasses

I’ve always been a major stripe guy throughout all my young life. From stripped pants to stripped jackets to stripped accessories I wore it all. Stripes have been a consistent thing in my closet throughout all the different styles and trends and heres why.


Unlike most patterns like Florals or houndstooth stripes can be (though anything can be, f$^# rules!) worn at any time. They don’t have a connotation with a certain time of year and are often being sported on all the cat walks, all the time.

Pattern on Pattern

I’m all about a pattern on pattern moment though many patterns just don’t work. I’ve found it seriously easier to mix pattern with stripes and this just makes stripping even more of a reason.

It’s classic

Stripes don’t go out of style! They have been here forever and they aren’t going anywhere. You can go back for decades and see people still rocking stripes, It’s always easier to invest in pieces that are timeless and stripes are just that.


Now manipulative is not normally a good word but in this case it is. With stripes you manipulate the appearance of yourself such as wearing vertical stripes can help slim you and vice-versa for horizontal. This is great for people looking to slim or looking to gain a few pounds (looks at self.)


Stripes can really it into any style. From a pair of khakis a stripped top on a yacht to moshing at a show in black skinnies and a stripped long sleeve to wearing stripped pants on Madison. It works with everyone and their unique style.


Photos by Miré Yang