What I’m Wearing: Urban Outfitters Jacket, INCMen Shirt, NDG Denim, and Adidas Sneakers

I’m not normally one to think about the future as I really like to live in the moment and am a strong believer that things have a way of just coming together but as I was in New York City this last week I’ve been thinking about if I could ever leave Los Angeles. There are so many perks to NYC like bagel sandwiches  and good Italian food, and then in a few I’m off to somewhere tropical and their you have relaxation, less hustle and the feeling of escape and right now that sounds amazing.

But after reflecting I realized that maybe one day I won’t live in Los Angeles but I don’t think I could ever not live in a major city. As relaxed and mellow as I can be I do think I get this high from the hustle and I don’t know there is something special about the smell of pollution in the air. Where can you see yourself in 20 years?

Photos by Miré Yang