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every-guy-needs-in-his-closetWestward Leaning Sunglasses // Coach Jacket  // Topman Pants  // Vince Sneakers (similar)

Forget a fitted suit, forget a pair of oxfords and even forget a white tee all I need is my leather jacket. Okay, okay maybe I need a few other things but if I had to pick one thing in my closet to take with me to fashion blogger hell I’d definitely take my leather jackets and yeah maybe my yellow sterling sweater but thats just me being unpractical me. But there are SO many reasons we all need a leather jacket in our closet.

That Extra Touch

Often times I put on my clothes and I think to myself  this outfit is alright, I dig it, I do. All it needs is  something! And more often times than not is a leather jacket. I just don’t say that about black pants or blazers as much as they do add to your look leather gives that extra edge we seek in a look, its that instant I’m pretty cool after all factor that we like to feel.


I’m all about an item that is practical and I feel like with leather jackets you can wear them anywhere at anytime (In high school I did wear a leather jacket to prom after all.) They aren’t strictly a seasonal piece either, yeah I wouldn’t wear one on a Palm Springs afternoon in mid summer but at night I just might. They aren’t super warm to wear unless you decide to layer and yet they aren’t useless in winter either.

It fits everyone

There is a leather jacket for everyone. I know someone is looking at me like “I can’t pull off that edgy moto jacket” and you probably can’t (I’m kidding, you TOTALLY can.) but a moto jacket may not be your style but there are different cuts to leather jackets and I’m confident enough to say that there is a leather jacket for you, you and even you.

They Last Forever

I mean forever, forever. I mean your Grandpa probably has his leather jacket from when he took the girl before your grandma to the drive-in theater to watch a movie in black and white. I know my first big investment in my closet was my first leather jacket and to this day its still a regular addition to most of my looks which makes for a great investment.

Photos by Mire Yang

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As the cooler days approach the more and more I get excited for rainy days and trench coat nights. Okay, I totally can’t handle Norway winters or even New York winters but I’m all about a California winter. You know? Light jackets, leather jackets over a t-shirt thats what I call a winter ensemble.

This light weight jacket is the perfect in-between season piece and with me being from LA and all its always in-between because I guess to all my New York friends we don’t have a winter. (jealous much?)

I paired this piece with a striped tee and a pair of cropped pants cause I’m all about making a 50 shades of grey look. The cropped pants gave me some air and the jacket kept me just warm enough making for a perfect summer to fall look. With this I’ll just go make a pumpkin spice latte (kidding who do I look like?)

In Collaboration with Perry Ellis

Photos by Miré Yang

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seventies-styleIllesteva Sunglasses // Topman Jacket // Sandro Jeans // Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

I don’t know what is about the seventies that is so special. Maybe its the amazing design and architecture or maybe its the music and fashion or the simple way of life. I don’t know but I’m totally obsessed with just about everything.

With this look I totally took wanted to feel like a blast from the past with a modern clean twist. Theres something about driving around Los Angeles and wishing you were driving around Los Angeles in a different time and sometimes when you dress like it and you listen to the right tune it feels just like your in another era.

I kept it clean with a pair of loose fit denim and white sneakers and added a pop with this burnt orange suede jacket and finished the look with a pair of sunglasses that I kinda fell hard for in Barneys and yeah they walked out with me even though I told myself I’m on a sunglass ban.

Right now us 70’s obsessors should be totally happy because the style has been trickling on the runway for sometime which now we are seeing in high street. Are you for this 70s trend as much as I am?

Photos by Mire Yang

joe-8joe-11joe-12joe-10 joe-7  joe-12joe-4 joe-6  If there is one thing I prioritize its a lazy day. A day of laying around, watching your favorite show and eating your favorite food (that you postmated of course!) It rejuvenates, it relaxes and it is just freakin great. I strongly believe a day where you do nothing is so important for actually getting things done when things need to get done.

Nothing better to spend my lazy days in then #mycalvins an assortment of soft, casual cotton modal sheeting This bedding is not only like sleeping on a cloud but so my color palette. When in doubt black, white, and grey

So today my plan is to roll around in bed, annoy Boomer (my matching cat) and watch You’re the worst. Oh and of course sushi cause whats a lazy day without to-go sushi?!


In Collaboration with Calvin Klein









This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Livefor IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. 

From the moment walking in WP24 the experience was no short of excellent. Stepping into the luxe dinning experience in The Ritz Carlton in DTLA you’ll notice the energy is contagious. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and the experience amongst close friends. Immediately after entering I knew I’d be back as it is a perfect hot spot for a night out on the town or to bring a date.

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, five minutes from the Staple Center (which is by far my favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles) you’re given superb views of all of Downtown which is always a conversation starter and candy for the eyes. As you know I’m a sucker for anything design and I fell hard for the interior during my visit to WP24. I’m obsessed with mixing dark elements in a well lit space and thats just what they’ve done with WP24. They kept it simple and clean while adding glamorous  touches to the space and got it right with the details. With the large windows and the skyline its an amazing spot to watch the sunset while dinning and enjoying company.

The menu had an assortment of delicious Asian cuisine along with options to make items gluten free and or vegan which in LA is a must, just not for me! Their drink menu had an array of clean and well thought cocktails that went well with the dishes. We decided to go for pearfect asian, mostly because I really enjoy a good pun and because I love lime and ginger! For our appetizer we went the crystal chive dumplings which are literally to die for. They included alaskan king crab, shrimp, pork and Chinese mustard to top it all off. We went ahead and ordered another appetizer because we just couldn’t help ourselves and went for steamed bao buns that had slow cooked pork belly and sweet garlic glaze, these literally melted in our mouths and I had to hold back from ordering a second round to keep room for the main course.

When the main course arrived I had to ask my friends to wait before we dug in because I just had to take another food file (Yes, I’m that person.) The plating was so well curated and you know I’m a sucker for the details in just about everything. We went with the grilled sonoma lamb chop and broiled Japanese cod.

The grilled Sonma lamp chops was like something I’ve never had before. I’ve had lamb chop many times in my life and have never been so satisfied. Seasoned with cilantro mint vinaigrette, mizen, ginger and crispy garlic made my tastebuds go straight into bliss. For the broiled Japanese cod prepared with ginseng honey and black sesame vinaigrette and sided with tempura vegetables which was absolutely exquisite.

After finishing just about every bite we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and the night sky right from our seats in WP24 . It was truly a sybaritic experience and I definitely see myself bringing new and old friends back to WP24 time and time again!

In collaboration with JW Marriott Los Angeles

WP24 is located at 900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 in The Ritz Carlton

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