eh-37eh-49  eh-44eh-43eh-30 eh-42 eh-24-2 eh-47Turtleneck American Apparel (similar) // COS pants // Brathwait Watch // Vince Sneakers (similar)

Fall is such a funny thing here in LA; the weather doesn’t really change, we start to wear jackets and turtlenecks even though we really don’t have too and everyone starts posting pumpkins on Instagram. Nevertheless its my favorite time of year. I like just about everything about fall time besides one thing; The lack of light.

I dread when the time changes and light starts to leave us at 5PM instead of 8 mostly because as a blogger it forces me to get my not morning self out of bed early to take photos. But that doesn’t stop me from chancing that golden light, I was out with friends when I saw the light lingering when we rushed to the hills to take these shots and oh am I glad we did.

Photos by Miré Yang









The CXX Jacket & Tee // COS Pants // Marc Jacobs Shoes // Ray Ban Sunglasses

I’m all about fall leaves, warm lattes  and rainy days even though that isn’t what I typically get being an Angelino and all but I can pretend at least. Being an October baby probably gives me a biased for my love for Autumn but you have to admit falls the best and here is 10 reason why.

  1. Fall clothes are just better. They aren’t too much like winter but too simple like summer.
  2. You can jump in leaves (Thats reason enough.)
  3. Two words, pumpkin seeds.
  4. Halloween. (Cause whats better?)
  5. Its that time of year you stop ordering iced coffee and if you are a basic you order a pumpkin spice (PS. I’m not a basic.)
  6. The new iPhone is released (Yeah, I’m actually a major techy and am always stoked for a new Apple device in my life.)
  7.  That crisp air.
  8.  Thanksgiving (AKA FOOOOOD.)
  9.  Theres two words for the season; Autumn and Fall – Whats your synonym Summer, Winter and Spring?
  10. Cause I was born in fall. (Lets be real this should be #1.)

Photos by Adrian Martin

granaclose 55 granabutt granaoo

okgranashirtdetail granapantfulldeetI’m all about a statement pair of sunglasses or a crazy pair of shoes but a well curated closet is made of well made and quality basics. I’ve time and time again bought an overpriced trendy pair of pants with a leather details and distressing and at the end of the season they went away along with all the other seasonal pieces. As my style has elevated and grown I’ve realized how much more important it is to invest in well made basics.

People often times don’t understand the power of the white tee or the black pair of trousers. These are the items that you wear everyday and these are the items you should invest in but thats why I was so thrilled when I came upon Grana which is now easily one of my favorite brands when it comes to basics. Grana not only makes beautiful basics with a strong attention to detail but they are truly made with care. It’s truly the worst when you have to buy a basic tee every other week because you wear it so much that you have already worn it down so when you find a brand where thats just not the case you stick with them!

Wearing a well made pair of trousers with that cool vintage jacket or a total out-there sweater is totally my style but I’l also not opposed to paring a basics together like I did with this Grana sweater which I popped color with these black Grana trousers. When well made basics are put together it makes for the perfect effortless look and an easily transitional look for night by throwing a leather jacket over it.

When Grana offered me a promo code to share with you guys until the end of November I was eager to share. Use promo code ERICxGRANA 10% off and free shipping worldwide

Photos by Justin Quebral

In Collaboration with Grana


foodie  london-town



I thought I didn’t believe in Love until I met London town. Seriously everything about London was right up my alley from the rainy days, British accents and middle of the day tea time – I’m all about that life.

Randomly deciding to go to Europe at 3AM and spending a few days in Oslo before deciding to end my trip in London was the best decision I ever made. The Mondrian was happy to host me and boy did they. I was so torn between leaving my marbled shower and room service or to go explore the city so I totally just divided my time equally (logical, right?) Luckily the hotel is located on the banks of the River Thames in the famed Sea Containers building which is only minutes to popular attractions.

As I only had a few days in London I tried to catch up with all my friends that live in London. On the first day I met up with Joel and Yanin and they took me out to Korean food at Onthebab which had to be the least British thing to do but oh my I’m so happy they did. I’m already pretty obsessed with Korean food but this took me to another level.

In the evening I got a chance to catch up with Emma and we went out to the Snapchat awards which had to be the most interesting award show I’ve ever seen. If we thought us grammers heavily document our lives wait until you see the audience at the Snapchat awards. Oh yeah, I didn’t win.

As much as I hate to be a tourist and like to hang with the locals and get the authentic experience I couldn’t help myself but go visit Big Ben. You know somethings are clichés for a reason and thats one of them.

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I’ve been a backpack wearing since I can remember. I can recall getting so excited each year for school (and this was about the only I’d get excited about regarding school) was to get my new backpack for the school year. I carefully scanned the malls in search of the perfect backpack you can bet that I always had to be the kid with the best backpack! Surprise, surprise.

Even now that I’m out of school the love for a fresh new backpack is still too real. I fell hard for Herschel’s Barlow Bag when I saw its clean white exterior and fell even harder when I found out I could fit my 15″ laptop in as well. I have to say its rare that function and style actually work together cohesively and this bag is a perfect example of that.

I decided to pair the bag with an all black look for a lazy coffee shop run. If you know me, I’m all about the all black look and the bag made for a perfect contrast in the look. I then threw on a pair of grey sneaks just to put a cherry on top to my whole “what is color?” attitude.

Photos by Justin Quebral

In Collaboration with Herschel Supply Co.