I’m wearing: Vince Jacket, Weekday Sweater and Acne Studios Sneakers

If you haven’t notice I’ve been inserting a little more color into my outfits lately. All black looks will forever hold my heart but I’m really having a love affair with neutrals as of late.

Today I was stoked to style one of my new neutral pieces this olive green coat. Decided to go with a black and white layered look and of course some white sneakers cause when in doubt white sneaker.

Photos by Adrian Martin

I’m wearing: H&M Jacket + SweaterRay Ban Sunglasses and Acne Studios Sneakers

If anyone asks me about where I hang out in LA my answer is always Downtown. The unique thing about DTLA is that we are in the process of change. Great hotels and restaurants are starting to pop up but we still have the grit that keeps it cool.

LA is known for summer year round but lately its actually been cold, yes cold, I swear. Well at least LA cold. I decided to stay warm on this chilled downtown day in this warm cream wool sweater paired into a minimal and clean all black look.

In Collaboration with H&M

Photos Captured by Adrian Martin

high-fashion-looks-for-meninto-the-light okkkkprint-on-print-lookbookpolkda-dot-patternon-the-go-lookdetailfull-on-lookI’m wearing: Krammer & Stoudt Jacket + Trousers, Sandro Paris Shoes, Zara Turtleneck, Linda Farrow Sunglasses

This fall I really have played a lot more with neutrals and I thought I’d adventure out even more and play around with pattern and whats better then pattern meets neutral, not much. I have never been a polka dot person and never really saw myself wearing until until Krammer & Stoudt did it right.

I think a fail safe for playing with pattern is to keep the color muted if the pattern is loud – if there is one thing I learned from nights out that went dark is too much of anything isn’t a good thing. With this specific look I paired it with a simple pair of sneakers to keep it casual and a turtleneck because lets be real do I wear anything else? Pairing the other items down helped keep the look elevated and clean. What do you think of polka dot?

Photos Captured by Adrian Martin


eric-hh-15 eric-hh-13 eric-hh-21 eric-hh-19 eric-hh-18 eric-hh-20 eric-hh-21I’m wearing: Kit+Ace Collar Button Up and Sandro Paris Denim

I’m all about the chill and in the fall months I’m all about staying cozy. Though we can’t really call it fall here in Los Angeles we can still sit by the fire, okay the balcony and cozy up, yes even barefoot.

As of late I’ve been all about simplistic and minimal wardrobe building. I feel like I’ve started to really invest in staple items that I can transition season by season and only splurge on a few trend items to keep the looks fresh and fun. This specific look is me around the house on a chill work from home kinda day AKA my favorite kinda days.

Photos Captured by Miré Yang





adm_9469As I get older I’ve come to realize how important and rewarding it is to know where my clothes from. Knowing that natural and high quality materials are used in the process are not only peace of mind but also really show in the longevity of the items. When I discovered Grana a couple months ago I wasn’t only amazed by the quality of the item but also the price point. It’s truly a goldmine when you can find quality like cashmere pieces that doesn’t drain the bank.

While learning about the process Grana goes through to make their cashmere pieces I was blown away. Before Grana even starts to knit, their wool goes through the (nearly obsessive) meticulous process of combing, scouring, dehairing, and spinning. Currently my favorite cashmere piece is this navy turtleneck, woven scarf and silk cashmere crew neck which are all must have essentials in my closet!

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Photos by Adrian Martin

In Collaboration with Grana