I’m Wearing: Krammer & Stoudt Coat, Zara Turtleneck, Chapter Trousers, and Acne Studios Sneakers

Throwing a statement coat over a blank canvas has always been one of my favorite approaches. I love to dress in simple staples but throw on a statement to really pull the fit together. As someone who loves basics I also have found myself really investing in a few statements each season as I feel like thats what keeps a look modern.

This coat is actually my obsession; It’s the perfect blue hues and black details and it goes to prove wrong  all the people in the traditional space of fashion that write articles like “10 things you should never do” like wear black and blue together that fashion really shouldn’t have rules and thats just what this coat resembles to me. Then again I’m just a rebel without a cause.

Photography by Adrian Martin


I’m wearing: Zac Posen Sunglasses, Theory Coat, Topman Pants, Vince Sneakers

This month has been a month for recharging and getting reinspired for me, I’ve been trying to spend a little extra time on my walk to the coffee shop and spending a few more moments observing others. It’s strange because I love the fast pace of the city but I also don’t want to be apart of the rat race. If you take anything from this post, chill a little, live a little, order that extra cappuccino and don’t look at your phone until your finished.

Photography by Miré Yang


At the beginning of a new year while everyone is penning in their new planners I’m always reflecting back on old pictures and videos. I guess I’m a sucker for documentation, I am a blogger and youtube creator for a reason I’m so fascinated with documentation and sharing and was shocked I haven’t share these on the blog yet.

A few weeks ago a friend and I decided to jump into the new 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatchback and go off to a desert staycation. As we drove we totally took advantage of the Apple CarPlay feature to listen to Spotify and play a song I’ve literally had on repeat for about two years “Lust For Life by Girls.”

Upon arriving to the land of curated carport designs and golf course galore we checked into one of my favorite hotels in Palm Springs – The Parker and enjoy dinner among friends. Throughout the weekend we adventured Joshua Tree and tried to golf, I’m awful if your curious. All in all I’m all about escaping for some desert fun and am already ready to do it again in 2017.

Photography by Mire Yang and Eric Jess

In Collaboration with Chevy


Time can really fly when your having fun. 2016 was such a mix of things but after reflecting on it it has to be one of the best years of my life. I got to see parts of world I’ve never seen before, continue doing what I love and meet and befriend amazing individuals.

I’ll be watching the clock eager to welcome 2017 with my Paul Hewitt watch. This watch has been along for the 2016 journey and I am excited to take them with me to the new year. Accessories are a major key to completing any outfit and this watch brings the premium quality but keeps it young and trendy with the strap.

Photos by Adrian Martin

In Collaboration with Paul Hewitt


With the holidays approaching so soon and all the last minute shopping I have to do I’ve been spending more time then I’d like to outside. I’m a true indoors man by nature I’ll admit it, I like a good hike but I’m all about staying in all day especially in the winter time when its Antartica outside.

I’ve been keeping warm in Grana’s Knitwear with the chilly weather and necessary outings. As you guys know I’ve been getting almost all my basics at Grana since discovering them a few months ago and that definitely includes my knits. Not only are they keeping me warm and comfortable but also keeping me looking clean and polished. Use coupon code ERICxGRANA for 10% and free shipping worldwide!

I styled this chunky rib knit  with a fitted pair of trousers and button up. As I’m running around all day I kept it simple. I was feeling very English inspired by throwing a collared shirt underneath and its a failsafe for smartening the look.

In Collaboration with Grana

Photos by Adrian Martin