I’m that person that is always looking for inspiration and when I heard about Neautra’s VDL House here in LA I had to pay it a visit. Art has always been a huge interest of mine and I find art is so many things but especially in design and architecture.

It’s insane to me that this home that I consider to be “modern” was originally actually built in 1932. The home was built with every nook and cranny thought out, everything has a function and everything has a place. It was amazing to me that also a lot of the homes furnishings were Neautra’s designs as well. If in LA and your into design and architecture this spot is a must see.


What I’m Wearing: Urban Outfitters Jacket, INCMen Shirt, NDG Denim, and Adidas Sneakers

I’m not normally one to think about the future as I really like to live in the moment and am a strong believer that things have a way of just coming together but as I was in New York City this last week I’ve been thinking about if I could ever leave Los Angeles. There are so many perks to NYC like bagel sandwiches  and good Italian food, and then in a few I’m off to somewhere tropical and their you have relaxation, less hustle and the feeling of escape and right now that sounds amazing.

But after reflecting I realized that maybe one day I won’t live in Los Angeles but I don’t think I could ever not live in a major city. As relaxed and mellow as I can be I do think I get this high from the hustle and I don’t know there is something special about the smell of pollution in the air. Where can you see yourself in 20 years?

Photos by Miré Yang



With the new year comes new ideas. This year, I really want to start making it regular to not only share my fashion posts, but to also share more about my lifestyle and products I use on the daily. As most of you guys know, I change my hair quite a bit and love a fresh new style, but something that comes with me from hairstyle to hairstyle is my Old Spice Pomade.

I’m all about this particular pomade because it really is the perfect pre-styler. It provides a medium hold and matte finish that allows me to still run my fingers though my hair (which is seriously important to me, who doesn’t like hands run through their hair?) The pomade adds the right amount of volume and keeps my hair looking fresh with a perfect hold all day. I can go through the day not worrying about my hair.

I’m definitely not someone who spends too much time in the bathroom. I like an easy morning routine especially because I’m not a morning person. Pomade allows me to run my hands through my towel-dried hair, style it in and mold my hair which means more time doing what I love: sleeping. The product also smells great in a totally manly way – the scent is the perfect confidence booster! Old Spice has been in the game for decades and is a brand I continue to rely on to keep my hair game strong and my morning routine effortless.


You can purchase Old Spice pomade here

In partnership with Old Spice

What I’m Wearing: Uri Minkoff Weekender Bag, Scotch and Soda Sherling Jacket (similar), Acne Studios Jumper, Acne Studios Denim, and Marc Jacobs Shoes

I’m all about hoping on a plane at any given time to just about any given place but I’m also all about a weekend trip. Weekend trips are the shot of espresso minus the jitters, the tune up. You go away for a minute and come back feeling one hundred and I’m all about that.

Just like athletic wear inspires you to workout (though it doesn’t really work for me) a good weekend bag inspires you to get out of town for the weekend (this one actually does work for me), book a staycation or take a road trip for a few days. I came upon the perfect weekend bag to throw my jeans and leather jacket in for a weekend away. Now just where to go?

Photography by Miré Yang

I’m wearing: Olivers Apparel All Over Shorts, Bloomingdales Sweater, Topman socks, Acne Studios Sneakers

Sometimes you go to play tennis with a friend and you end creating something pretty cool because your much better at being artsy then playing tennis and I love that. This last year I found myself surrounded by so many amazingly talented and genuine people and I’m seriously so grateful. I’m like the opposite of a cheese ball (my snark is too real and you all know it.) But I have to thank all of them for being awesome and creating things with me.

Sometimes you find your people and when you find your people you grow and prosper together. I’ve totally found my people.

Photography by Dominque Desage