What I’m Wearing: Chapter Shirt, Topman Trousers, Krewe Sunglasses and Zara Shoes

Though I don’t sleep past nine very often I must admit I’m not a morning person. I like to start slow. Relax on my phone in bed, drink a cup of coffee while catching up on email and my favorite of all has to be my walks to the coffee shop.

As you totally know I’m kinda obsessed with my cup of coffee and also pretty obsessed with this look. Wore this out on a lazy Sunday for my morning coffee fix. All black is always an easy go-to and adding a pair of charcoal trousers makes it a little different but still effortless.

One of my latest additions to my closet is this linen like shirt, loving the slightly belled sleeves – which helps keeping it cool but also adds a bit of dimension.

What I’m Wearing: French Connection Zip Up, Vince Track Pants (similar)  

I was up last night at two in the morning thinking about how its April 2nd and 2017 is almost half way through. I’m not one to really worry about time and I find it to be really just a manmade scale to determine age and where we should be but I don’t know it seems like the days have flown by.

So many good things, so many not so good things but overall I’m pretty excited for the new year. Also this doesn’t have anything to do with my outfit, this is a personal blog after all.

But I opted for wearing all the sports luxe stripes out, got this zip up that I’m mildly so into and been wearing on repeat lately, I don’t know why but something this simple gives such a statement, I paired it with a pair of track pants cause if track pants are in and are comfortable I’m all about it. Just so you know I did nothing sporty in my sporty look today. Talk soon!

   What I’m Wearing: Grana Bomber Jacket, Grana V Neck Sweater, Vintage Denim and Vans Classic Slip On

As the warmer months approach layers start to shred and we all become just a little bit lighter as the days pass. I’m a layerer by nature and with that am lucky I’m also that person thats always cold but even I with the California spring days coming can’t take heavy jackets and thick sweaters (as much as I love them.)

If you guys have been following the blog for awhile you know Grana is one of my go-to’s for solid basics and not just in the cooler months with their cashmere but also as the months get warmer with their lighter pieces. Recently I picked up a this bomber jacket that still keeps me warm for those April showers but light enough to throw in my bag as the days heat up.

I decided to pair the look with a V neck sweater perfect for the season and a pair of vintage denim to keep the 90s vibes real.

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In Collaboration with Grana

Photography by Adrian Martin

What I’m Wearing: Zara Jacket, COS Shirt, Blyszak Sunglasses, Acne Studios Denim (similar), Vince Sneakers

Lately I’ve been adding a bit more color into my looks and can’t be more into it. I still tend to keep a neutral palette but adding a stripe of red like this jacket has to the look really adds a lot of contrast and interest to the fit. I predict to see this trend a lot this season as the months get warmer. What do you guys feel about adding a bit of color to your life?


Photography by Adrian Martin