Wearing: Zara Sweater, Charlie May Man Trousers, Steve Madden Sneakers

Finally sharing these photos I took awhile back in probably one of my favorites looks I’ve worn all year. If you can tell the loose fitted trousers are totally my thing and mix it with monochrome and this burgundy perfection comes out of it.

Photography by Adrian Martin


One of my favorite things about being a millennial is the way the work place has changed for many. Dogs are welcome in the office, taking breaks is more encouraged and many jobs allow us to work from our bed. It makes me so happy to see that the work force is realizing that time does not equal productivity and that has allowed many of us to work from home.

Though working from home is great and I know I get more done now then I ever did when I worked in house anywhere but just like working from the office has its challenges so does working from home. I’m the king of chilling I’ll be the first to copt to that and at times working from home can be challenging to get into that productivity mode especially when things around you are distracting you. I decided to make a list of things that have helped me be more productive while I’m working at home and hopefully something will help you.

1.) Make your space Inspiring

To me this has to be one of the most important steps to being productive especially when working in any field that involves creativity. Having a space or being surrounded in a space that inspires you helps you come up with new ideas and at the same time makes you comfortable in your space. Personally I love having plants and vinyls playing in the background but have your space full of things that you love.

2.) Get out of the House

Sometimes you get in a funk in your house and can’t seem to get anything done (me all the time when I get sucked into random documentaries on YouTube.) When this happens I’m all about a coffee shop work day sesh. I love coffee and a caffeine buzz but thats not the only thing I love about coffee culture. I also love the vibe, the people that come in and out and that most of the good ones have outlets + good wifi.

Though at times being around people can be distracting it can also be motivating. The people around you are working and getting things done and this puts me in check. Coffee shops are also a great place to take meetings between work sessions which makes them even better.

3.) Have a Schedule

If anyone hates routine its me, like I don’t even brush my teeth and take a shower in the same order because routines freak me out. I hate to admit it but having a routine of some sort is pretty important when it comes to working from home. I’m not saying you need to sit at your desk at the exact minute every day but at least have an estimate, of course if something comes up don’t stress it but when you can meet your estimate do it. I personally aim to get something done by 8:30, I’m not perfect it doesn’t always happen but I give ample effort and thats whats important.

4.) Lists

I literally always watched the kids in school that made lists and kind of admire them and at the same time kind of made fun of them in my head. I always thought wow I’ll never be that type A but then I realized lists aren’t really for the type A they are for us B’s that are totally distracted and down to sleep in when we can not the ones that spring up at 6 to get “their hustle on.” PS if I hear the word hustle anymore I might actually die.

What I’m saying is make lists, literally it will help you. It keeps you accountable and gives you tangible goals that don’t seem as overwhelming and I hate to admit it but checking them off is so satisfying.

5.) Take Breaks

There is nothing worse then spreading yourself too thin. When you do this nothing gets done right or as good as they potentially could have been. Sometimes its okay to put things off, sometimes its okay to take a walk, sometimes its okay to say “hey this is actually going to take longer then I anticipated.” We are human, we deserve breaks, life is too short to stress the small stuff.

When your feeling overwhelmed or keep getting distracted go read a book, go get a massage, or take a hike. Some (definitely not me) feel bad for doing this but its so necessary to check out sometimes and in the long run will make you tons more productive when you have a clear head and are rested.




     What I’m Wearing: Chapter Shirt, Topman Trousers, Krewe Sunglasses and Zara Shoes

Though I don’t sleep past nine very often I must admit I’m not a morning person. I like to start slow. Relax on my phone in bed, drink a cup of coffee while catching up on email and my favorite of all has to be my walks to the coffee shop.

As you totally know I’m kinda obsessed with my cup of coffee and also pretty obsessed with this look. Wore this out on a lazy Sunday for my morning coffee fix. All black is always an easy go-to and adding a pair of charcoal trousers makes it a little different but still effortless.

One of my latest additions to my closet is this linen like shirt, loving the slightly belled sleeves – which helps keeping it cool but also adds a bit of dimension.

What I’m Wearing: French Connection Zip Up, Vince Track Pants (similar)  

I was up last night at two in the morning thinking about how its April 2nd and 2017 is almost half way through. I’m not one to really worry about time and I find it to be really just a manmade scale to determine age and where we should be but I don’t know it seems like the days have flown by.

So many good things, so many not so good things but overall I’m pretty excited for the new year. Also this doesn’t have anything to do with my outfit, this is a personal blog after all.

But I opted for wearing all the sports luxe stripes out, got this zip up that I’m mildly so into and been wearing on repeat lately, I don’t know why but something this simple gives such a statement, I paired it with a pair of track pants cause if track pants are in and are comfortable I’m all about it. Just so you know I did nothing sporty in my sporty look today. Talk soon!