stripped-shirt-style how-to-be-minimal-chic stripped-boat-neck-shirt finding-art-in-the-city how-to-wear-cropped-pantsCOS Shirt // COS Pants // Steve Madden Shoes // Linda Farrow Sunglasses

I’ve always been a major stripe guy throughout all my young life. From stripped pants to stripped jackets to stripped accessories I wore it all. Stripes have been a consistent thing in my closet throughout all the different styles and trends and heres why.


Unlike most patterns like Florals or houndstooth stripes can be (though anything can be, f$^# rules!) worn at any time. They don’t have a connotation with a certain time of year and are often being sported on all the cat walks, all the time.

Pattern on Pattern

I’m all about a pattern on pattern moment though many patterns just don’t work. I’ve found it seriously easier to mix pattern with stripes and this just makes stripping even more of a reason.

It’s classic

Stripes don’t go out of style! They have been here forever and they aren’t going anywhere. You can go back for decades and see people still rocking stripes, It’s always easier to invest in pieces that are timeless and stripes are just that.


Now manipulative is not normally a good word but in this case it is. With stripes you manipulate the appearance of yourself such as wearing vertical stripes can help slim you and vice-versa for horizontal. This is great for people looking to slim or looking to gain a few pounds (looks at self.)


Stripes can really it into any style. From a pair of khakis a stripped top on a yacht to moshing at a show in black skinnies and a stripped long sleeve to wearing stripped pants on Madison. It works with everyone and their unique style.


Photos by Miré Yang


long-beach-outfit scotch-and-soda-shirt stripped-pants black-and-white-outfit outfit-ideas into-the-lightCOS Shirt // Scotch & Soda Pants // Marc Jacobs Shoes // Paul Hewitt Watch

If there is one thing I want to work on about myself is my time management. I really can’t seem to be on time too often! It may be my easy going personality or the fact that I’m from LA and 30 minutes late is on time. I’ve been late all day today and I’m feeling the snooze button vibe today. This post goes out to all my “I’m on my way!” friends. I get you, I sympathize with you and I still love you.

Photos by Miré Yang

ELB-23 ELB-27ELB-19ELB-28ELB-30Topman Floral Shirt // Dior Sunglasses // Call It Spring Oxfords // Daniel Wellington Watch

Lately playing with shadows has been one of my favorite things to incorporate with my photographs. It really adds such an interesting moody mood, (yes I just said moody mood.)

I may start doing some informational posts to the blog – dabbling into photography, blogging, art and business. Let me know if this is something you guys are interested in as I’d love to share the things I do know and open a dialogue for you to share with me the things you know!

Photos by Miré Yang

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Escape. Tranquilly. Sun-Drenched Bliss. Joshua Tree was everything I expected and more and I’m so glad I took up on the escape as I just got off a plane from NYC and really just wanted to crash into my bed for two years but when I got a work/play opportunity to go out to the desert I couldn’t deny.

My good friend just recently launched her clothing label and asked me for some help on the creative side so off we went into the desert to shoot her SS16 (first!) lookbook. I’m so lucky (and I thank the earth and the energy everyday) that I get to do what I love for a living at such a young age.

Before we got there I insisted on stopping at Whole Foods and we picked up all kinds of snacks cause you know your boy has got to eat and yeah everyone else does too I suppose, ha! Luckily we did as if one tip I say to anyone staying in Joshua Tree is pack some food, I mean SOME food. There is literally no restaurants besides Sams Indian Food which supposedly has pizza and subs (WTF) and a few not so great looking restaurants.

You better know this coffee lover found a gem even out in the middle of nowhere; Joshua Tree Coffee which has a badass cold brew and make everything right there. We got a change to talk to the owner who were oh so passionate about coffee (yay there are others out there!) Definitely a must stop if you are in the area and they do sell there beans to coffee shops in all kinds of other areas

So for Joshua Tree our photos came out amazing but beyond it all we all came home with this level of peace and appreciation for the simple things.


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Pura Vida! Two weeks ago, Gregory and I had the opportunity to spend four days in Costa Rica with El Mangroove  located off the Gulf of Papagayo, El Mangrove is a sustainable boutique resort that melds Costa Rica’s natural beauty through wood and water elements, bamboo and stone into every aspect of its architecture. .

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a fresh tropical cocktail and given a tour of the property. The resort sits perfectly poised on 17 lush acres, and garners 500 feet of beachfront on cocoa sands that meet a jade green colored bay. Upon entering my room I could hear the monkeys in the trees and the tranquil sounds of nature. I was literally in bliss especially when I saw a plate of fresh fruit on my nightstand.

On the first day we were taken boating where we were given a tour of the white sand beaches to snorkeling and jumping into the warm Costa Rican waters. I found myself in awe at the greenery that absorbed the island.

Throughout the trip we were taken on many activities that include zip-lining through the rain forest, hiking to the active volcano, and massages in their private spa . I have to say another favorite memory is all the eating we endured (surprise, surprise.) Chef Sebastián La Rocca, culinary director of the resort’s Makoko Restaurant took care of us the entire time and I have to say I’m missing him already cause every dish was amazing and delicately prepared.

I have to say coming home has been tough after being spoiled at El Mangroove but I know I’ll definitely be back as its the perfect getaway when you need some tranquility and grounding to nature. Goodbye for now Costa Rica.

In Collaboration with El Mangroove + Marriott Autograph Collection