My First Smartwatch with Fossil

 Get the Fossil Q Hybrid Watch Here

Since smartwatches hit the shelves they’ve peaked my interest with all their features but I’ve been reluctant to trade beauty for brains, this is until I met the Fossil Q Hybrid which quickly became my first smart watch and pretty much my best friend. When I saw that you can actually have it all, a smart watch that pairs with your phone, tracks your activity, takes photos, and still be a beautiful time piece that doesn’t look like a smart watch I had to have it.

When you have beauty and brains you have it all in my book. As someone that spends way too much time in front of my computer screen (heh, I’m in front of it right now after all) and I often wonder if I’m getting enough exercise or time outside and with the activity tracker it has got me moving and this has to be one of my favorite features and life changes since getting the watch. When something is telling you “hey you, get up, you’ve only walked x amount today” you get up. I’ve been able to set goals and meet them and best of all its gave me an excuse to get off my computer and enjoy my city. I’m all about walking around my downtown neighborhood. Sometimes it is the simple walk to the coffee shop to read the newspaper and then to explore the local shops to get the sunshine and exercise you need to complete your daily goal and the Fossil Q Hybrid lets you know when you’ve met it!

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