Monochrome Moments

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I’ve been a backpack wearing since I can remember. I can recall getting so excited each year for school (and this was about the only I’d get excited about regarding school) was to get my new backpack for the school year. I carefully scanned the malls in search of the perfect backpack you can bet that I always had to be the kid with the best backpack! Surprise, surprise.

Even now that I’m out of school the love for a fresh new backpack is still too real. I fell hard for Herschel’s Barlow Bag when I saw its clean white exterior and fell even harder when I found out I could fit my 15″ laptop in as well. I have to say its rare that function and style actually work together cohesively and this bag is a perfect example of that.

I decided to pair the bag with an all black look for a lazy coffee shop run. If you know me, I’m all about the all black look and the bag made for a perfect contrast in the look. I then threw on a pair of grey sneaks just to put a cherry on top to my whole “what is color?” attitude.

Photos by Justin Quebral

In Collaboration with Herschel Supply Co.

  • chloe

    Omg, I remember getting excited to pick out a bag for the new school year, too! It was always my favorite part and I’d spend weeks researching. I love this entire look, especially those shoes! They’re super cool 🙂

  • Rachel Lynch

    your photos are excellent, and you are always so effortlessly chic!
    so great to follow your work

  • Such a fantastic bag!