London in 36 hours


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I thought I didn’t believe in Love until I met London town. Seriously everything about London was right up my alley from the rainy days, British accents and middle of the day tea time – I’m all about that life.

Randomly deciding to go to Europe at 3AM and spending a few days in Oslo before deciding to end my trip in London was the best decision I ever made. The Mondrian was happy to host me and boy did they. I was so torn between leaving my marbled shower and room service or to go explore the city so I totally just divided my time equally (logical, right?) Luckily the hotel is located on the banks of the River Thames in the famed Sea Containers building which is only minutes to popular attractions.

As I only had a few days in London I tried to catch up with all my friends that live in London. On the first day I met up with Joel and Yanin and they took me out to Korean food at Onthebab which had to be the least British thing to do but oh my I’m so happy they did. I’m already pretty obsessed with Korean food but this took me to another level.

In the evening I got a chance to catch up with Emma and we went out to the Snapchat awards which had to be the most interesting award show I’ve ever seen. If we thought us grammers heavily document our lives wait until you see the audience at the Snapchat awards. Oh yeah, I didn’t win.

As much as I hate to be a tourist and like to hang with the locals and get the authentic experience I couldn’t help myself but go visit Big Ben. You know somethings are clichés for a reason and thats one of them.