Lets Go!

on-the-go-outfit stripped-trousers-kenzo all-white-loobook ERDT-13 white-loose-dress-shirt simple-minimal-look coach-laptop-briefcase stripped-pant-casualChapter Shirt // Kenzo Pants // Coach Laptop Bag // Zara Creepers

I feel like the last few weeks have consisted of me running and jumping with commitments and plans and getting ready for travel. I have this love/hate with being busy. I can’t complain because I’m busy doing all the things I love and aspire to do but I can’t help but sometimes be selfish and crave the leisure of ease.

Theres something so easy about a day where you really aren’t committed to anything and nothing is pulling at your immediate attention. But then again when those days actually do come around I suppose the really worry of the day is why you don’t have anything going on.

Something I’ve always been good at is not taking every situation so seriously but even I sometimes get exhausted in this rat race we call life. So today I sit back on this busy September day and realize I’m grateful for everything I have going and everything I have coming and with that lets go!

Photos by Miré Yang