Joshing Around in Joshua Tree

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Escape. Tranquilly. Sun-Drenched Bliss. Joshua Tree was everything I expected and more and I’m so glad I took up on the escape as I just got off a plane from NYC and really just wanted to crash into my bed for two years but when I got a work/play opportunity to go out to the desert I couldn’t deny.

My good friend just recently launched her clothing label and asked me for some help on the creative side so off we went into the desert to shoot her SS16 (first!) lookbook. I’m so lucky (and I thank the earth and the energy everyday) that I get to do what I love for a living at such a young age.

Before we got there I insisted on stopping at Whole Foods and we picked up all kinds of snacks cause you know your boy has got to eat and yeah everyone else does too I suppose, ha! Luckily we did as if one tip I say to anyone staying in Joshua Tree is pack some food, I mean SOME food. There is literally no restaurants besides Sams Indian Food which supposedly has pizza and subs (WTF) and a few not so great looking restaurants.

You better know this coffee lover found a gem even out in the middle of nowhere; Joshua Tree Coffee which has a badass cold brew and make everything right there. We got a change to talk to the owner who were oh so passionate about coffee (yay there are others out there!) Definitely a must stop if you are in the area and they do sell there beans to coffee shops in all kinds of other areas

So for Joshua Tree our photos came out amazing but beyond it all we all came home with this level of peace and appreciation for the simple things.