Days in Cashmere





adm_9469As I get older I’ve come to realize how important and rewarding it is to know where my clothes from. Knowing that natural and high quality materials are used in the process are not only peace of mind but also really show in the longevity of the items. When I discovered Grana a couple months ago I wasn’t only amazed by the quality of the item but also the price point. It’s truly a goldmine when you can find quality like cashmere pieces that doesn’t drain the bank.

While learning about the process Grana goes through to make their cashmere pieces I was blown away. Before Grana even starts to knit, their wool goes through the (nearly obsessive) meticulous process of combing, scouring, dehairing, and spinning. Currently my favorite cashmere piece is this navy turtleneck, woven scarf and silk cashmere crew neck which are all must have essentials in my closet!

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Photos by Adrian Martin

In Collaboration with Grana