Bonjour from Paris

A photo story of my first time in Paris, places I’d recommend to go, what I wore and a lot of cheese, wine and coffee.

“The plan was not to plan”

I can’t actually believe it but this is my first time in Paris though I feel like its home already. Being the skeptic I am I always thought everything everyone said about Paris was too magical but the thing is Paris actually is that magical. When we decided to book the trip I really wanted to have enough time to really take Paris for what it is, I’m known to do 3-4 days trip but for Paris we stayed a minute and if your going to go I recommend to do the same. Nothing beats living like your a local. The plan was not to plan.

Where We Stayed:

Though this bullet is right under the Eiffel tower we didn’t actually stay anywhere near the eiffiel tower and I recommend one doesn’t. We wanted to find a neighborhood with character and not a neighborhood with tourists by the bus load and chain restaurants we could find at home. When deciding on the neighborhood we wanted artistic, and historic and couldn’t be more stoked on going with le Marais which was filled with all the local cafes, bookstores and art galleries.

We decided to go with an Airbnb to really be able to bring bread back from the farmers market and make a meal. The place had all the character we wanted from the creaking narrow stair case to the hand held shower, okay maybe we weren’t so into the hand held shower but it was an experience.

A few spots in le Marais I’d recommend: Coffee Shop: Boot Cafe,  Book and Art Store: Yvon Lambert, Crepe Cafe: le Crepe

What We Did:

Pretty much we ate a little too much cheese and drank a little too much wine and coffee. Okay we did some other things too like visit the Louvre and we even went and saw the Eiffel Tower on our last day. It’s all magical but really I recommend strolling to the farmers market to get fresh bread, people watch in the park and wine, dine and sit in a cafe cause that was really the highlight of the trip for me.

What I wore:

When it came to packing for Paris I kept the city tones in mind and also the weather. We were staying in November and though it was pretty cold for my thin blood it wasn’t a blizzard by any means. I could wear sweaters during mid-day and layering with a coat when it got a bit more brisk out.


  • wonderful post! Paris is so cool on your style! Haha! It looks so incredible!
    Teo from

    • Glad you enjoyed! Thanks, Paris couldn’t be more me.