Rules are for fools

I’m Wearing: Krammer & Stoudt Coat, Zara Turtleneck, Chapter Trousers, and Acne Studios Sneakers

Throwing a statement coat over a blank canvas has always been one of my favorite approaches. I love to dress in simple staples but throw on a statement to really pull the fit together. As someone who loves basics I also have found myself really investing in a few statements each season as I feel like thats what keeps a look modern.

This coat is actually my obsession; It’s the perfect blue hues and black details and it goes to prove wrong  all the people in the traditional space of fashion that write articles like “10 things you should never do” like wear black and blue together that fashion really shouldn’t have rules and thats just what this coat resembles to me. Then again I’m just a rebel without a cause.

Photography by Adrian Martin