100 Pieces of Perry

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As the cooler days approach the more and more I get excited for rainy days and trench coat nights. Okay, I totally can’t handle Norway winters or even New York winters but I’m all about a California winter. You know? Light jackets, leather jackets over a t-shirt thats what I call a winter ensemble.

This light weight jacket is the perfect in-between season piece and with me being from LA and all its always in-between because I guess to all my New York friends we don’t have a winter. (jealous much?)

I paired this piece with a striped tee and a pair of cropped pants cause I’m all about making a 50 shades of grey look. The cropped pants gave me some air and the jacket kept me just warm enough making for a perfect summer to fall look. With this I’ll just go make a pumpkin spice latte (kidding who do I look like?)

In Collaboration with Perry Ellis

Photos by Miré Yang

  • Eugenie Grey

    teach me how to pose plz

    • i’ll teach you my ways if you teach me yours!

  • This fit is so goooooddd. Loves it.


  • Jill Wallace

    Yes, love these vibes so much!

  • Stephanie Liu

    I just want your whole outfit for myself

  • The whole outfit is fab, but I really like the jacket!

  • Rachel Lynch

    I love comme de garçons on you!

    • Right? This shirt was way worth the investment, live in it.

  • I’m digging the color palette. Definitely feels like winter for me!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    • Bring on the winter vibessss. Thanks!