What I’m Wearing: Topman Shirt, Barney Cools Pants, Acne Studios Shoes, Garett Leight Sunglasses and Uri Minkoff Backpack

The summer blues are in full effect. I’ll be the first to say that when the weather gets over 90 degrees I’m hiding behind every shadow I can. Summer has really been my thing and sometimes dressing down in less layers is hard for me. In this look I showed off my summer blues in this oversized shirt and pants.

I recently picked up these Acne shoes which I have to say totally stole the show. Sometimes all a look really needs is to be cool and casual with one cool statement piece especially when it comes to dressing for summer where its hot and adding a lot of texture isn’t a huge option.

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Since smartwatches hit the shelves they’ve peaked my interest with all their features but I’ve been reluctant to trade beauty for brains, this is until I met the Fossil Q Hybrid which quickly became my first smart watch and pretty much my best friend. When I saw that you can actually have it all, a smart watch that pairs with your phone, tracks your activity, takes photos, and still be a beautiful time piece that doesn’t look like a smart watch I had to have it.

When you have beauty and brains you have it all in my book. As someone that spends way too much time in front of my computer screen (heh, I’m in front of it right now after all) and I often wonder if I’m getting enough exercise or time outside and with the activity tracker it has got me moving and this has to be one of my favorite features and life changes since getting the watch. When something is telling you “hey you, get up, you’ve only walked x amount today” you get up. I’ve been able to set goals and meet them and best of all its gave me an excuse to get off my computer and enjoy my city. I’m all about walking around my downtown neighborhood. Sometimes it is the simple walk to the coffee shop to read the newspaper and then to explore the local shops to get the sunshine and exercise you need to complete your daily goal and the Fossil Q Hybrid lets you know when you’ve met it!

In Partnership with Fossil

 I like to call myself a self proclaimed neutralist and by that I mean I’m that friend that you can go into the closet with hopes to borrow a pop of color and not a thing would be found. My whole closest matches each other and with this I’ve found it easy to style my day to day looks. But I might just be stripped away from my title because there is something about red right now thats got me. I’m not sure if its the fact that I’ve found myself in a bit of a style rut or if its just a sudden love for the POP.  When popping color I tend to stick with a clean silhouette such as these black track pants but this time around I paired it with a pastel jumper. This is definitely experimenting on my end and it worked. At the end of the day style is fun and sometimes I find (especially in the menswear space) too many posts with rules and do nots and nah, just do it. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t.

Though if you are like me and not used to popping color definitely start off with a clean and neutral silhouette and try inserting color here and there. I find red to be easy as its a very emotional color as its associated with fire and blood which makes people feel passion. I also used cobalt in this look to balance out the pastel.

What I’m Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger Jacket and Sweater, Zara Track Pants (similar) and Converse Sneakers

Photography by Dominque Desage

What I’m Wearing: French Connection T-Shirt, Krammer & Stoudt Bomber Jacket, Zara Track Pants, Common Projects Sneakers and Timex Watch

The days are getting warmer and the layers are shredding as we speak. I can’t same I’m not excited for beach days aplenty and summer vacations (that of course I haven’t planned.) I’m beginning to put all my jackets away but in the evenings even in LA we still get that coastal breeze. With this look I kept a jacket with me in this light bomber which is perfect for the summer nights. Who’s up for the summer time feels?